Tech Drops on DI.FM

A Label show by Liquid Media and hosted by Eike Voigt, Tech Drops is a monthly show that will have you embark on a mind altering journey into all that is Tech.
From Techno to Minimal to Tech house and everywhere in between, this Tech Drops promises to keep you curious and wanting more of this ever popular and growing area of the EDM industry. Showcasing an incredible line up from Liquid Media's latest label, Drops, as well as hard hitters and driving forces from this popular genre as guest, will leave you always wondering what will be followed up with.
Strap on and Tune it promises to be another mind-blowing journey into sound as only Liquid Media can provide.... Keep it LOUD & Underground!!!!

Show schedule:
4th Thursday of The Month
20.00 - 22.00 CET |14.00 - 16.00 EST

Live Streaming: